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ASK YOURSELF, have you ever walked into a nail salon and witnessed green or blue barbicide soaking the salon’s pedicure tubs? Or, did you notice a simple towel ever so casually lying over the tub as if it was made out of a supernatural-germ-killing-anti-bacteria composites?!?

Whirlpool Sinks: Did you know that whirlpool tubs can trap bacteria and can create fungus that spreads if they are not properly cleaned with barbicide, rinsed, and effectively maintained.

Why Do Nail Salons AVOID using Barbicide? At Boudoir, we spend hundreds of dollars a month and thousands a year on barbicide alone. The expense definitely hits our profits but the peace of mind is priceless. We love KNOWING your health is safeguarded at Boudoir.

HARD FACT: Did you know by law, the State of CA Board of Barbering and Cosmetology requires all salons to soak their pedi tubs and reusable implements in barbicide for 10 mins BUT does NOT require nails salons to sterilize their reusable implements in a medical grade auto-clave for 20 mins…

Water In & Water Out: Boudoir Nail Bar has intentionally built in pedi sinks that only allows water to travel in and directly out! When you walk into Boudoir you will often see our bar-back scrubbing pedi sinks with soap followed by a 10 min Barbicide-Bath which is also documented and time stamped prior to each client’s pedi service.

Medical Grade Auto-Clave: Moreover, at Boudoir, we use an autoclave to properly disinfect and sterilize all our reusable implements. Guess what we do with the non-reusable implements? Throw them away! Or, give them to our clients at their request.

At Boudoir, we are fortunate to employ 2-4 amazing bar-backs and receptionists who are passionate about providing our clients peace of mind and supporting our ridiculously talented nail artists in ensuring all pedi sinks, implements, floors, sinks, and surfaces are clean and/or sterilized for your luxury-comfort.


~James & Nora Neff, Owners & Total Team Effort!

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Token of Gratitude

We are beyond thankful to report all our team members are safe and well; but, in light of everything, our team has drastically changed. We know how much it means to have quality nail artists and technicians. We appreciate your patience and ask for your help, if possible!


Mention we offer a $500 referral bonus and up to $1000 starting bonus for the new nail tech, with potential for daily guarantees. We strive to pay our nail techs the best in San Diego while working in a great environment with amazing clients! Just DM us on social media or call the salon directly to inquire more! @boudoirnailbar1

Thank you San Diego!! Your unwavering support is greatly appreciated!